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Easy Consignment Sale Software! (MCS) is a HIGHLY-DEVELOPED and FULLY-FEATURED Consignment System for holding your Seasonal Consignment Sale or Consignment Shop. It is very COST-EFFECTIVE and incredibly EASY to manage. Some say it's the most *FUN* Consignment System ever made!


Now for a Limited time: If this is your first sale with us, sign up between January 1, 2023 and February 28, 2023 to receive a $55.00 credit!

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Inexpensive - Lots of clothes for sale!

No monthly fees! No Consignor fees! No Training fees! No hidden fees! You can have unlimited consignors and unlimited items!

Our fees are very reasonable. Just a one time per year $55, then $110 per sale and $.01 per sold item. That's it! These fees are paid AFTER your sale just like paying out your consignors! It couldn't be easier!

So no worries about having too many consignors and getting charged extra for them! No worries about limiting your consignors to a certain number of cards! No worries about upsetting your consignors due to extra item fees! Have as many consignors and items as you want!

We offer a money back guarantee! If you decide the system is not for you, you are under no obligation to continue.

And we are MORE COST-EFFECTIVE than other systems!

Easy To Use - It's all web-based!

Without a doubt, ours is the easiest consignment software to use!

It's WEB BASED so it works with any browser. You don't have to install any special software. You don't have wait hours to download a database. Just login to the website and go!

Adding items is as easy as typing in item names. And you can add MORE THAN ONE item at a time! Or you can instantly copy an item repeatedly.

You can easily manage your consignors. Just click one to change their details. Search or sort by name, phone number, ConsignorID, or status.

There are NO LIMITS to how many consignors, items, sale stations, or logins you can have! You are free from worry!

Practically any barcode scanner will work as we use the world's most popular barcode type. More flexibility gives you the edge!

Extensive Reporting - Any Report You need! We offer practically any report you might need!

Item Reports - Print out all the items that are coming to your sale!

Check Reports
- Keep track of how well your sale is doing with this report. Will show you how much came in, how much needs to go out, and how much you earned!

Sales Reports - Lists every items that sold per consignor. Includes calculations for the percentage and sales fees.

Volunteer Reports - Gives you a list of all your volunteers. Includes their contact information just in case they forget!

Drop-Off schedules - Helps you keep track of who is coming to the sale and when they are dropping off!

Data Graphing - Data Graphing! We offer detailed graphing of your items!

Graph By Year - View the items entered and sold for each year.

Graph By Consignor - View entered and sold items per consignor.

Graph By Type - View entered and sold items by type (clothing, shoes, toys, etc.)

Graph By Size - View entered and sold items by their size.

Graph By Combination - View entered and sold items in any of the above combinations!

Cold-scan other barcodes! - We can scan these cards too! Are you looking to switch from another system? NO WORRIES! Our system has a feature called "cold-scanning" which will allow you to scan barcodes from other popular systems (MCM and MSM) without pre-entering them! IMAGINE HOW MUCH TIME YOUR CONSIGNORS WILL SAVE! All you do is scan their existing tags into our system at the Point of Sale!

We can also import your large database of consignors and items so they won't have to re-register or re-add their items. We make your transition incredibly easy!

And we are MOST COST-EFFECTIVE than other systems!


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