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Welcome to! (MCS) is a HIGHLY-DEVELOPED and FULLY-FEATURED Consignment System for holding your Seasonal Consignment Sale, Consignment Shop, Thrift Shop, Ski Sale, or other form of sale.
It's INEXPENSIVE, 100% ONLINE and EASY to manage!

If this is your first sale with us, sign up NOW to receive a $55.00 credit!

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See how easy it is! - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - System Overview

A full overview of the system - Create your own consignment sale now!

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Fully-Featured - List Items Easily!
  • MANY MORE FEATURES than other systems. We go BEYOND just entering and selling items!
  • No special software to install. Works with any Web browser or tablet. Accessible ANYWHERE you have an internet connection.
  • We can import your data from another system and in some cases you can reuse your cards / tags!
  • Online registration. Consignors can create their accounts online based on settings you determine.
  • Add dozens of items in minutes for yourself or other consignors with limits on minimum price and increments.
  • Edit, sort, search, print. Easily change prices and add descriptions instantaneously.
  • Create Volunteer Jobs and Drop Off Reservations. Consignors can join easily. Print reports of your Volunteers and Reservations.
  • Print *CUSTOM* cards/tags with your logo, descriptions, and barcodes that can be arranged however you want and can be scanned with virtually any scanner.
  • REAL-TIME Sales Reports! Our POS system immediately updates sales information. No waiting to upload item changes!
  • View and Print sales reports, receipts, item lists, volunteer lists, drop off schedules, and more.
  • Email Consignors individually or in groups. And you'll be notified whenever you get a new signup.
  • NO LIMITS on the number of sales, items, consignors or cashiers you can have.
  • Built-In Help system explaining the system in plain language. It couldn't be easier!
  • INEXPENSIVE! Just a once a year $55 maintenance fee, $110 per sale and $.01 per item sold.

  • Download the MCS Overview for more detailed info

Easy To Use

MCS IS SO EASY! I've checked out the other systems and MCS is DEFINITELY EASIER TO USE!

It's 100% ONLINE and works with any web browser. No need to install any special software! No downloading a database! Just login to the website and go!

Adding items is as easy as typing in item names. And you can add DOZENS OF ITEMS AT A TIME!

You can easily manage your Consignors, Volunteers, and Reservations. Just click one to change their details. Search or sort by name, phone number, ConsignorID, or status.

There are NO LIMITS to how many consignors, items, sale stations, or logins you can have!

Practically any barcode scanner will work! More flexibility gives you the edge! - A barcode scanner we recommend

Extensive Reporting - Any Report You need! We have every report you need!

Item Reports - Print out all the items that are coming to your sale!

Check Reports - Keep track of how well your sale is doing with this report. Will show you how much came in, how much needs to go out, and how much you earned!

Sales Reports - Lists every items that sold per consignor. Includes calculations for the percentage and sales fees.

Volunteer Reports - Gives you a list of all your volunteers. Includes their contact information just in case they forget!

Drop-Off schedules - Helps you keep track of who is coming to the sale and when they are dropping off!

Data Graphing - Any Report You need! We have detailed graphing of your items!

Graph By Year - View the items entered and sold for each year.

Graph By Consignor - View entered and sold items per consignor.

Graph By Type - View entered and sold items by type (clothing, shoes, toys, etc.)

Graph By Size - View entered and sold items by their size.

Graph By Combination - View entered and sold items in any of the above combinations!

Switching is EASY! - We can scan other cards too! We make the transition from other systems incredibly easy!

Our system has a feature called "cold-scanning" which will allow you to scan barcodes from other popular systems (MCM and MSM) without pre-entering them.

You won't lose a step by switching to MCS! All you do is scan their existing tags into our system at the Point of Sale!

We can also import your large database of consignors and items so they won't have to re-register or re-add their items. We make your transition very easy!

And people who have switched say our system is SO MUCH EASIER than the others!

Inexpensive - Lots of clothes for sale! No monthly fees! No Consignor fees! No Training fees! No hidden fees! You can have unlimited Consignors and unlimited items!

Our fees are very reasonable. Just a one time per year $55, then $110 per sale and $.01 per sold item. These fees are paid AFTER your sale just like paying out your consignors! It couldn't be easier!

No worries about having too many consignors and getting charged extra for them. No worries about limiting your consignors to a certain number of cards. No worries about upsetting your consignors due to extra item fees. Have as many consignors and items as you want!

We offer a money back guarantee! If you decide the system is not for you, you are under no obligation to continue.

If this is your first sale with us, sign up NOW to receive a $55.00 credit!


  • "Our productivity has more than doubled since using Our consignors love the conveniences of entering items online and being able to see their daily sales. And we love how it helps us to close out our sale faster and more efficiently." - Marianne George, Admin of "New 2 You Children's Consignment Sale", Winter Haven, FL

  • "I LOVE this system. It is one of the VERY FEW systems I have ever used that was practically seamless. I am in IT, and most systems drive me crazy. Kudos!! This one is awesome." - Linda, Consignor of "Thrifty Kids Sale", New Hartford, NY

  • "VERY EASY!!!!! I love it. I've printed my own tags for years just using a template I made but this was way easier and much simpler to track everything. All the sales need to use this! I loved this so much I will not even look at other sales. What a HUGE time saver!!!!! Please keep using it for future sales!!!!!!" - Elizabeth, Consignor of "Friendly Ave Sale", Greensboro, NC

  • "I woke up almost giddy this morning when I remembered that I didn't have to go in and start sorting and counting cards!! My participants are LOVING being able to see what is selling in real time! YaY! I'm glad that they love it and it is making my life much easier!" - Carie Barthelemess, Admin of "Repeats Are Neat", Longview, TX

  • "I love the sales reports so I can randomly check the website and see what has sold! :)" - Lindsey, Consignor of "Repeats are Neat", Longview, TX

  • "The site was very easy to navigate. I loved how I could track sales through the day. The sales report was very good showing item numbers and descriptions. The report on items not sold was very helpful. I would recommend this site to anyone." - Richie, Consignor of "Repeats are Neat", Longview, TX

  • "Everyone LOVED how easy it was to consign and checkout!" - Lisa D., Admin of "Christ Church Consignment Sale", Glen Allen, VA

  • "It's such a big improvement from what we used to have. Very happy with it! Love being able to keep track of sales, as they happen!" - Becky, Consignor of "Kids Avenue Sale", Tipp City, OH

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did to make your system work for us for this sale. We love how every barcode has scanned in the system compared to last system. We also love how easy it is to add items in. The feedback was amazing on how much all the consignors loved the new system and they really love the "live" function to see their sales. Overall the system was great and we didn't have any major issues. Looking forward to the next sale!" - Heidi Parker, Admin of "Keep It In Play Kids Consignment", Portland, OR

  • "We had several of our regular consignors say at first they were a little intimated by the site but once they started, found it to be very easy to use and took much less time than hand writing the regular tags and they loved being able to see what they had sold. The ending of the sale with the check report was wonderful!!" - Mary Lou Heaney, The Toy Exchange, Houston, TX

  • "I've been loving it! The tutorials easily walk you through how to process everything and make tags. I think this will make things much easier and more consistent." - Melissa Campbell McKinley via Facebook, Consignor of "HUM School Consignmentsale", Hermitage, TN

  • "Love the barcode system and report- good idea." - Reagan Fisher Y'Barbo via Facebook, Consignor of "Repeats Are Neat", Longview, TX

  • "They did not have this software last year and this GREATLY improved the check-out process." - Lori, Consignor of "Christ Church Consignment Sale", Glen Allen, VA

  • "The NEW, improved system has made my life SO much easier...I can add 100+ items in about an hour! (& without my fingers cramping!)" - Felicity via Facebook, Consignor of "Froggies & Frills Sale", Boaz, AL

  • "Very easy to use love that it's in 'real time.'" - Jamie, Consignor of "Christ Church Consignment Sale", Glen Allen, VA

  • "I LOVE the online system!" - Megan Hawkins Lawson via Facebook, Consignor of "Repeats Are Neat", Longview, TX

  • "This system is awesome!" - Jo Wheeler via Facebook, Consignor of "Wee Exchange", Theodore, AL

Try it now! - Try the Demo now!

See how easy it is! - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - System Overview

A full overview of the system - Create your own consignment sale now!

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