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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?
Just a once a year $55.00 maintenance fee, then $110.00 per sale and $.01 per each item sold. (Use of the Remote Sale system is an additional $25.00 per sale. Phone support is subject to a $60.00 per hour fee.)

We also offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you aren't satisfied after your first sale!

Can this be used in a consignment store or shop?
Yes, it can. For that it would be set up as a monthly sale and the pricing would be the same as above only each month.

Does this include an integrated credit card system?
No. You would have to use a third-party system like Square or PayPal.

What kind of barcode scanner do you recommend?
Practically any barcode scanner that can read Code 93 (which is one of the world's most popular codes and readable by 99% of barcode scanners.)

We recommend wired USB scanners as they are more reliable, don't require charging, and are far less expensive than wireless scanners. A good wired USB scanner can run you from $30.00 to $100.00 depending on what you want to pay.

How many sales, consignors, and/or items can I have?
As many as you want, there are no limits.

Can I roll the old items over into next year's sale?
Yes you can. You won't have to enter them in again.

I'm currently using another system. Can I import my old data and scan my old cards / tags?
We've made it easy to scan your old codes into our system and can "cold scan" cards from other systems without pre-entering them. (MCM and MSM cards do not need to be pre-entered. Items from other sale systems can be imported easily for a one-time fee.)

Is the equipment expensive?
The minimum requirement is a computer with a web browser. A printer is recommended, but not required to sell. You also don't need a barcode scanner, but it does help. They can be purchased for about $30.00.

Do I need any special software?
No, there is no software to install. It all runs over the internet in a web browser.

Can I run the program without an internet connection?
Yes! For an extra $25.00 per sale you can use the "Remote Sale" system to allow you to sell items without an internet connection. However, you don't need to install this to sell. You can always bring your cards home and enter them in at any time.

What features do I get with my purchase?
Full use of the program, constant updates and improvements, bar-coded cards, Point-Of-Sale, system, easy consignor communications, sales reports, graphs, website support and advice for your sale and more.

Does the system print checks?
No, you would have to use a third party software.

How long does it take to update all my sold items?
Selling items is immediate, you don't need to do any kind of download (unless you are doing a Remote Sale.) No waiting 3 hours to update your item changes, it's IMMEDIATE!

I need a feature to be added, can it be done?
Yes, contact us and we will evaluate your suggestion.

How long do I have before the payment is due?
15 days after the end of your sale. You will be charged a late fee if payment is not received on time.

What kind of security do you provide to prevent data-theft?
We use a 256-bit SSL security certificate from GoDaddy to encrypt all data between your computer and our server.

How reliable is the system?
MCS is fully cloud-based. That means that it is safe from power, internet, and network outtages. It also means that the internet speed is extremely fast and can support hundereds of users simultaneously.

Do you back up your system to prevent data-loss?
Yes, data is backed up regularly throughout the day to an off-site location. And the system is on a cloud-based virtual server so if something breaks, it can be restored quickly.

Is my data shared among other sales?
No, it's exclusive to your sale only.

Do I need my own website to join?
No, you will get your own address at the website. For example,

Can you make my page look like my existing website?
Absolutely. We have an extensive Themes system to allow us to make it look however you like.

Change any color or background. Move the sidebar to either side!
Add spacing and borders to the sections. Change the backgrounds.
Rounded and shadowed edges. You have complete control!

Can I customize my sale?
Yes, you can change the information on the Home page, change the sale dates, change the colors, the backgrounds, the header image, add your logo, change the layouts, and more.

Can I give it a try first?
Click the button and follow the instructions to give try the system!

We offer a money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied after your first sale, you can cancel your account with no charge to you

Thank you for considering!