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List of Items

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Kitchen PlaysetN/AToy$20.00
Old Navy Halloween l/s Tshirt NewGirls4Clothing$2.00
Nobody's Business Boutique DressGirls4TClothing$10.00
Great Escape ShirtGirls4Clothing$3.00
Orlando Magic Cheerleading OutfitGirls4TClothing$4.00
Class Club Burgandy DressGirls18 mthsClothing$4.00
Polo Ralph Lauren offwhite shirtGirls2TClothing$3.00
Old Navy purple jacketGirls18-24 mthsClothing$3.00
Hairbows (2) Castles - NEWGirlsClothing$4.00
Hairbow Teal/Brown/White Korker NewGirlsClothing$4.00
Miniwear Birthday Girl DressGirls24 mthsClothing$6.00
Tommy Hilfiger long sleeve dressGirls18-24 mthsClothing$4.00
Baby Lulu long sleeve dressGirls2TClothing$10.00
The Children's Place Flare JeansGirls18-24 mthsClothing$3.00
Gap Burgandy Flower SweaterGirls2TClothing$4.00
Bonnie Jean DressGirls4TClothing$7.00
Polo Ralph Lauren Blue ShirtGirls4TClothing$4.00
Gymboree Red DressGirls5Clothing$4.00
Hair Bow Dragonfly NEWGirlsClothing$3.00
Hair Bow Ballet- NEWGirlsClothing$3.00
Polo Ralph Lauren Pink ShirtGirls4TClothing$4.00
Florida State Pink SweatsuitGirls3TClothing$4.00
Kashten Boutique DressGirls3TClothing$8.00
Tommy Hilfiger Overall DressGirls3TClothing$4.00
Polo Ralph Lauren Pink ShirtGirls2TClothing$4.00